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1 deviant said TeamWork 2014 ! (Extended + TeamWork)You all waited for this moment - TeamWork 2014 is here!
For all those who don't know the project yet, here are some answers to all the questionmarks over your head!

We have extended the sign-up phase for the teachers who haven't yet found a student. :) Please check out the comments, if you're interested in becoming a student!
Also for the teams that are already matched: Have fun learning and teaching! :la:
What is the project about?
The aim is to team up two artists to achieve a close and individual learning-experience.
One of the two will be the teacher, whereas the other will be the student. (But our teachers will learn through this project just as much, I'm sure :giggle: )
Teachers will present assignments to their students and provide them with tools, techniques and lessons to achieve the goal they both decided on.
In the end we'll present all the finished assignments in a big chat event and on our group page!
There also might be
- This is an awesome project that partners two artists (one teacher and one student) in a close learning experience!
No deviants said I Think that I Shall Never See"I think that I shall never see
 a billboard lovely as a tree.

Behind the Billboard by DiLynnRing
New York City by stareater
Time Square by fallingslowly47
Perhaps, unless the billboards fall,
billboard. by IRiseWithMyRedHair
A Stairway To Oblivion by aegiandyad
billboard hosepipe by SpanishJohnny
Buldozah by indajazz
I'll never see a tree at all."
Urban Camping by 5isalive
-- Rhyme by Ogden Nash
"I think that I shall never see a billboard lovely as a tree..."
No deviants said PE: Tutorials for Growing Manga ArtistsBackground
  Cloud Tutorial Part 1 by yuumei Cloud Tutorial Part 2 by yuumei Grass tutorial by Sadir89 Grass brush settings - tutorial by ryky water tutorial by kuro-mai water splash tutorial by Caucasian-eagle Easy Water tutorial by ryky Water on the Beach - Tutorial by Okami-Rain Waves Tutorial by B1nd1 Background Tutorial 2 by Tervola 3D background Tutorial by yuumei Background Tutorial Section 2 by Mireielle Cloud Tutorial by Dea-89
For Anime and Manga backgrounds you can use the regular Digital Art and Traditional Art tutorials based on backgrounds. :)
Hand Tutorial -Tips+Reference- by Qinni Foot tutorial by shingworks +TUTORIAL-Feet drawing guide+ by goku-no-baka + Tutorial - Hands + by goku-no-baka Feet Reference by Ninjatic Hands Reference I by Ninjatic Hands Reference II by Ninjatic
No deviants said What Ruins A Painting?
What Ruins A Painting?
(or makes it better)

            We all had those kind of paintings at some point, looking at which we felt something is not right – something is not right – But could not find it. What went wrong? We have put every finest details and all our patience in it. Then?
Art has its own science. Science that makes a successful art – something that comes out exactly you thought of and leaves the same impact on your audience. That science is known as composition in art and music. Where your eyes will go at first, how you will draw attention, how much attention you will draw – these are not luck, but pure science. A well thought designed piece is always successful. So mastering the brushes are not enough, we have to learn about the basics that make a successful art!
Hence, today, we will talk about the 'bad' elements which are solemnly responsible for rui
No deviants said Prints 101: Changing Your Print Source File"Hey Uncle Reno! How can I update my print to match the deviation?"
This is a question that I get asked in the Help Desk quite a bit, minus the Uncle Reno part. I have previously touched on this with the article Prints 101: Editing your Prints but I would like to highlight this specific action here as it is an important thing to know, since I will otherwise reject your print for not resembling the deviation. I can neither confirm nor deny making any explosion sound effects while rejecting prints.
There are many reasons why an artist would need to update their Prints source file. For instance, to edit or remove a watermark mistakenly added, an updated version of the image, or even simply to upload a larger version of the image, as the deviation uploaded originally is too small to be added at a size that you want.
By default, the source file will always be the original image you have uploaded
No deviants said Ask the Art Professor: Painting and Digital Media“Ask the Art Professor” is an advice column for visual artists, now featured in the Huffington Post.  This is your chance to ask a professional artist/educator your questions about being an artist, the creative process, career advice, etc. Submit your question by emailing me at clara(at), or by commenting here on this blog. All questions will be posted anonymously, and you’ll receive notification when your question is online.  Read an archive of past articles here.
“My daughter is a freshman at art school this year. She has chosen painting as her major. How does an artist in a classical medium like painting choose electives that will make them relevant in a digital world? What types of courses shoul
No deviants said Things You NEED To Know for Nature PhotographyHi everyone.
I thought I would put together a list of really important things you should know for nature photography.
These are all tutorials on my new website, and they're written by some of the biggest names in wildlife and landscape photography in the world.
If you are chasing the perfect shot (aren't we all?) and you want to get better images, then read up here...
Wildlife Photography
The biggest complaint I hear from amateur wildlife photographers is that it is just so expensive.
So, with that in mind, I wrote these two articles to address this concern. You don't always need expensive kit to take great shots:
:star: The Ultimate Guide to Wildlife Photography on a Budget
:star: Choosing Your First Telephoto Lens
If you're looking for technique advice, then these are for you:

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