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April 25, 2011


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The F Works

Welcome to the 7th in the series of The F Word. Recently I asked my watchers in a poll about their one favourite work by an artist in deviantART, with a reason as to why they chose it, even if it wasn't mandatory. I also have a few more wonderful works to feature as well along with some other information around deviantART including contests. With this being the 7th issue, it will have a few more thumbs than usual!
Enjoy :heart:

BDT466 suggested :

Stevie by ChewedKandi
by ChewedKandi

FenrirKeyblade suggested :

BLECH. by Anime-Angelz
by Anime-Angelz
"Dem glasses.
...I mean colours. Yes."

Anmaril suggested :

2DArtist Self Portrait by Charlie-Bowater
by Charlie-Bowater
"It's a self-portrait, and I like it because the warm lightning, colours and the very natural flow of the brushes. It was not created with texture brushes or so on, and is well focused on the face with a soft background."

TsuchimikadoMotoharu suggested :

A Pawn of WarI am watching over this large field tied by glowing sunset on west. On north I can see the enemy`s army coming in my direction looking at my King`s army, I can see only a very few men remain from previous battle, the same I would say from ours foe`s army yet with a remains from army with big loses to both sides reducing each Battalion to what can be said at best has become a Squad looking at men, the best of best from each forces yet the most loyal soldiers each one prepared to give away their life without looking back at this point and between this men there is me, a warrior born to sacrifice myself for my country, king and people with that in mind I come to think which could come to be my last thoughts in my life.
What come to me was only 3 things, the birth of my son and his growth until the day that come with this army until here, my wife that I can`t see forget even on this bloodish field bathed by the sun I still remember the day that I asked her to mine and her words that follow

by Cognitio
"I like this one but [i don't know] why."

Krissi001 suggested :

JAWSOME - by DanLuVisiArt
by DanLuVisiArt
"I still love JAWSOME - :giggle: "

Tarkie suggested :

Almost Spring by TheButcheress
by TheButcheress

GrannyJae suggested :

Forgotten Valley by Loriele
by Loriele
"A peaceful place, wish I were there :) "

Abyss-Valkyrie suggested :

Vincent..power up.. by RyanPM16
by RyanPM16
"This really deserves more attention!!"

kesun suggested :

Atalin by phoenixlu
by phoenixlu
"I loooove this picture! So very well captured, and so light!"

Astralseed suggested :

by SGuay
"This is one of my more recent faves. I've always loved surreal art, and this piece really caught my eye :) "

Avantgarda suggested :

by QAuZ

ArtisnotanAccident suggested :

Sleep by a63
by a63
"Very ethereal."

Elephantfreak suggested :

by tori-xx
"So many details!"

evermorefire suggested :

Cowboys, Tigers and Bears by CoranKizerStone
by CoranKizerStone

Ionosphere-negate suggested :

Stephen Colbert atop an eagle by SharpWriter
by SharpWriter
"-It's Stephen Colbert."

Elvenwyn suggested :

Machinery of the Stars by alexiuss
by alexiuss
"I have many favourite pictures here on DA, however, this one has to be my number one. To be honest, I have no clue as to why, but there's something about it that I just love."

photofairy suggested :

balerina II by SuzyTheButcher
by SuzyTheButcher
"There are a few that are all time favourites, but this one I suppose I can put as number 1 :) "

Naaik suggested :

These Hands by djinni--
by djinni--
"Because I can strongly relate to the emotion behind the photo."

aLzRitH suggested :

Create a World of Your Own by rianbowart
by rianbowart
"This is such a beautiful piece from my fave artist herself !! :love: "

MechaFISHMechanics suggested :

Dream Catcher Wallpaper by DianePhotos
by DianePhotos
"I really admire the lighting and the colours and the texture and the subject and the---------- everything."

XxepIkzxX suggested :

Jeddah's Fountain II by aymanko0o
by aymanko0o
"just love the shot..:faint:
..specially cuz of the fountain.."

almond-cake suggested :

FREEDOM by Agarwen
by Agarwen
"fork! The guy is amazing. He puts all the effort to make it through and be that ... osom :D "

hiddendelights suggested :

She Looked at Me Thru The Rain by D0UbleF
by D0UbleF
"Something about it sticks in my mind. The forlorn expression, perhaps."

So here are some of my favourites. Simply put, these are some of the amazing works I have seen, whether for their simplistic or humorous nature, sheer skills or some unexplainable motif :faint:

Hopefully, there is palatable work for everyone from some extensive categories!

Give love to these excellent deviations. Every single piece deserves exposure and shows effort, skills and talent!
Enjoy :heart:


:thumb200781510: Difficult terrain by IDeviant


Inner Reflection by michellemonique Snow White Queen by OmriKoresh Day Watch Poster by Lagutin

Cartoons and Comics

Shifty Serpentine Specimen by RoboChandler Affection by kangel


404 by Jibodeah


OrchardYour fingers are guillotines,
purely purposeful machines.
You pluck the apple,
and carve it clean,
find the core,
suck out the seeds.
Take a life
and taste the power,
it's arsenic
and sugar sweet.
You thank God and the devil
with a crooked smile
that the day is young,
and so are they,
and just ripe enough
for you to eat.

Design and Interfaces

Forever My Love by archanN Piranha by meldy

Digital Art

v29 by masateru Flute by masateru Eat to live by hummingvoids swans by Gopye Repetition by Ryohei-Hase ardor by kaohu Flood of memory by sagatara Jason Todd Ongoing Petition by jiuge Dreamscape-Land of balloons by RaVirr17 Ichabod by wraithdt the child rebels by ptitvinc North Sky by hf-zilch xtraNORMAL by 4lejo Attacco alla citta' by FedericoMusetti Walking by zhuzhu RINGO by iammovan Tree Deer by BatMiB TWO and a half MEN by juarezricci VISCERAL by chesterocampo Winter by LadyOwl :thumb192003143: Green by hgjart


Black Nazarene II by alpreddd bus by emilola fresh orange by mbahuyo :thumb192159565: waiting for you by hendradarma28 anorexia by NikolasBrummer Expressionist by Moonbeam13 take five by veftenie Moon by Mon-artifice 169 by aydan-kerimli The Race by OfirAbe Last Samurai by OfirAbe Neighbors by OfirAbe Dance in the morning light by juhe INDIE III by Toeps Drawing a crowd by rebelatheart Sunday Afternoon by Chinacomplex Hoping for a better world by namenotrequired

Artisan Crafts

papercutting: Spring Dragon by masamisato Tribute To Alexander McQueen by CostumeSalon

Traditional Art

Tonet by thesvetislav Boor tango by nailone exogenesis symphony by KatarzynaKostecka +.:. Carnival .:.+ by Gwendolyn12 Where Is My Guardian.. Edit2 by Kif3 progression concept number 2 by brianisbetter Opiate by Feidhelm Lord Commandar Jon Snow by DabelBrothers two best friends by suzaku009 The Six Swans Drawing by AndrewRyanArt ? and ? by cristitrian


Finding Brain by jay-cozzy Runway Fashion by BreeLeman

Game Development Art

Sorrowful Embrace by sXeven

Space art and Sci-fi

Explorers by MeganeRid Kick in the Face by CBSorgeArtworks the rain day im fighting by achillesliu Assassin by Broly1337 The Little Prince by DanielGrzeszkiewicz The Death of Zero by Doomsplosion Wine solo by barontieri

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Stay safe, have fun and create art!
:la: :huggle:

phoenixleo o_O
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