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Tutorials from Youtube
Part 2

There are many places you will find resources to help you with your art. From deviantART's own vast resources, tutorials, stock images provided by artists to your public library, bookstores, art sessions to name a few. YouTube is one such resource hub. From live video which explains materials and products you would need for your traditional or digital artwork, to painting demonstrations that are live to 'speedpaints', they offer various ways audio-visual medium and such a large diversity of artists help with getting help you need. You are encouraged to find more, and browse more to research, study and practice. This Resources for Artists is the 4th in the series of the article, and the 2nd chapter for the YouTube resources list. If you have any links to amazing tutorials, video demonstrations, YouTube channels that you are aware of, do share them below in the comments and they will likely appear in the next series. You are welcome to share this article! :)

Imagine FX

Official channel of the Imagine FX magazine, this site provides various videos of illustrations (sometimes even photomanipulations) made in various software, styles and genre. A point of note is that all videos do not have audio. Full videos can be found by purchasing the magazine (there's an app for that!) however, there are full length videos available among other lengthy and short ones. Contents are from various artists in the field, from Michael Kutsche (michaelkutsche), Marta Dahlig (dahlig), to Mélanie Delon (melaniedelon) and other amazing artists! Some videos are shown below:

Oldest to newest

Fantasy art photo collage in Photoshop tutorial with audio

Dynamic water skills in Photoshop with Jerome Moo

Create dramatic environments in Photoshop

Combine Photoshop and Painter to create a male vampire with Mélanie Delon (melaniedelon)

Marta Dahlig's Realistic Fantasy Female in Photoshop (dahlig)

Old-school sci-fi in ArtRage, by Bill Corbett (BillCorbett)

Create creatures like Bobby Chiu in Photoshop (with artist audio) (imaginism)

Charlie Bowater Paints Death, in Photoshop (Charlie-Bowater)

Adobe Photoshop

Yes! Adobe Photoshop has their own official channel as well. While you won't find a lot of "artist process" videos here you will definitely find excellent information related to how to use various (and special) Photoshop tools, features, tips and tricks and interviews. Oh, also, new features and events happening are announced here as well. The interviews and featured artists shown gives an interesting look at their thoughts not to mention is a tremendous source of inspiration. Some videos are shown below:

Oldest to newest

The Power of Smart Objects

Note: This one is for CS3, however, the feature still translates to the new ones.

Top 10 Time Saving Enhancements to the Layers Panel in Photoshop CS6

Paragraph & Character Styles in Photoshop CS6

Erik Johansson and Photoshop CC

5 Reasons to Use Layer Groups in Photoshop

Painter Tutorials

Corel's Painter also has its own official channel! Isn't it sweet? This is similar to Photoshop's channel showcasing features, some tips, processes. Some videos are shown below:

Oldest to newest

Introduction to Painter Lite for Fine Artists with Skip Allen

Painting the Passion of Dance with Painter Master Jeremy Sutton

Perspective Guides with professional visual artist Android Jones
Note: This is a Painter X3 feature

Wacom Americas

Tablet mogul, Wacom's American official channel (European one here: Wacom Creatives Europe l Website ), has comparatively more resources and helpful videos than the other one. However, do use both to see various product information (with the European one containing ads in various languages), processes and tips/tricks. It focuses on softwares that are Wacom tablet capable. Some videos are shown below:

Oldest to newest

Working in Mudbox with Craig Barr

Painting the Big Picture with Jeremy Sutton

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There's more to come in the next issue! Again, if you have more links of videos and/or channels, don't hesitate to link to them in the comments below!
Don't forget to share them, fave it, bookmark it and spread it around! :love:
Take care! :huggle:


Resources For Artists: Tutorials from Youtube Part 2 is the 4th in the series of Resources For Artists article and 2nd in the series for Youtube resources article! . Don't forget to share them, fave it, bookmark it and spread it around! :love: More will come soon!
Take care! :huggle:

Previous Issue:
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