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Commission Info

Thu Sep 8, 2011, 12:26 AM
General Information
:bulletblue: Take a look at my gallery,
on DreamUp, Portfolio or examples below so you know the type of work I can do.
:bulletblue: The paypal information I need is on the form below.
:bulletblue: I can not ship hard copies of commissions.  You will receive a large format digital copy in jpeg/jpg file format via email or note on DA. If you really require one, it can be arranged, however, it will cost extra for shipping and printing. We can discuss it later on! :)
:bulletblue: I can not proceed to make the work until full payment has been made (after discussion about the price and information related to the work of course). While you are doing the payment, I will show you the initial sketch/draft and show it to you. After the payment has been complete (upfront) and confirmed, I will continue to finish the work. You will be notified of the proceedings of your commission and may ask about minor changessee below*
:bulletblue: I reserve the right to decline any commission request. If too many requests are being made that are neigh impossible to achieve within time and money given, I reserve the right to fully refund the money and decline service.
:bulletblue: If you have ordered a large commission and wish to pay with a payment plan that can also be arranged.
:bulletblue: I  will only accept paypal commissions since I really need to money to uplift my financial problem. However if you feel you would want to make :points: donation of the amount equal to the money ($1 = 80 :points:)
:bulletblue: Please provide with references accordingly.  Drawing from written description only costs extra, as I have to design the character.
:bulletblue: Individual commission will be priced based on your character, image complexity, style and type, so the prices below are estimates.
:bulletblue: After a piece has been commissioned and sent to you, you may use it for personal use including but not limited to icons, signatures, layouts, wallpapers, themes and personal site display and/or blogs without being required to link me back or credit, though it's always appreciated since it keeps the business and client-artist relationship running! You may not however claim the work to be your own or set it up for redistribution.
:bulletblue: If you use the commissioned piece for commercial purpose please tell me so and we can discuss about it. :)
:bulletblue: I will submit the pieces in my deviantART gallery or other places and keep one for showcasing with credit given to you for your character and that it is your commission.
:bulletblue: For Photomanipulations/Mixed Media, when stocks and resources from others are used, the work would follow criteria/guidelines each individual stock has which would require you to contact them as well if you want to consider commercial applications while contacting me. Otherwise, you also have to follow the resource guidelines which will be provided through the work when submitted here in credits.
:bulletblue: All commissions are non refundable after receiving the work.

    Via comment/note please fill out the form below.  Please keep it brief (We can talk further later on).

    E-mail address :
    Paypal e-mail address + username (and/or name) :
    Image Reference(s) :
    Commission Type :
    Name of character :
    Age of character (approximation) :
    Personality of character :
    Notable features :

Categories/Type Prices are $ per hour ($/hour)

1. Digital painting

Type A
Starting : $5-10/character (may increase if you would like minor details)
Simple characters/sketches (half or full body).
May come in simple flat colour tones upon request
Not many details.
No background elements *(a gradient or normal filled background or a white one is the one it will be in)

sb1 by phoenixleo

Type B
Starting : $15-$20/character
Slightly detailed characters (half/full)
Full colouring.
Noticeable details.
No background*(a gradient or normal filled background or a white one is the one it will be in)

Two ducklings by phoenixleo Fuzzy and Me by phoenixleo o_O by phoenixleo Hades by phoenixleo

Type C
Starting : $45-$50/character and onwards
Elaborate details and colours (half/full)
Simple Background

Jellyfish by phoenixleo Mako by phoenixleo Point of No Return by phoenixleo

Type D
Starting : $100 +/character and onwards
Elaborate details depending on complexity.
Moderate/Detailed background depending on complexity (additional price will be discussed; see environment/landscape price category below)

NightFall by phoenixleo Red by phoenixleo Against All Odds by phoenixleo Ablaze by phoenixleo Marta by phoenixleo Red II by phoenixleo Windblown by phoenixleo Butterfly feelings by phoenixleo Dear Prince by phoenixleo A Red Night by phoenixleo Jack Frost . Edge of Submersion by phoenixleo Jack Frost . Under the Moonlight by phoenixleo Blue Blue by phoenixleo Coronation of a Moon Prince by phoenixleo Karma by phoenixleo

2. Photomanipulation / Mixed Media
On DreamUp

3. Environment/Landscape/Scenery

Type A
Starting : $10-$15  (may increase if you would like minor details)
Simple backgrounds/sketches.
May come in simple flat colour tones upon request
Not many details.

Morning mist by phoenixleo Night I - Will never lament by phoenixleo

Type B
Starting : $45-$50 and onwards
Additional simple characters/creatures (half or full body): $10 each
May come in simple flat colour tones upon request
Low-moderate details.

Moon Tree by phoenixleo Alone in the Waterfall by phoenixleo

Type C
Starting : $100+
Simple characters/sketches (half or full body).
Additional characters/creatures : $100 each and onwards (depends on the level of complexity; see the character section above)

Night II - Dreamwalker by phoenixleo Night III - Moonsail by phoenixleo Moon Tree 2 by phoenixleo Moon Trail by phoenixleo
Forest God by phoenixleo

   What I Will/won't Draw

:bulletblue: Digital painting, Photomanipulation, Mixed-media, traditional design (scanned image will be sent).
:bulletblue: Original Characters (Your OCs. If you want an OC or a character of someone else, I reserve the right to decline as I am still practicing anatomy.)
:bulletblue: Fan art (Please read down below for further information)
:bulletblue: Realism/semi realism
:bulletblue: Partial nudity (No porn)
:bulletblue: Anime (If you are requesting this, please note that my anime/manga skill may merge with realism/semi realism since I am can't do anime fully :P )
:bulletblue: No excessive violence/gore.
:bulletblue: Will do Fantasy, Dark, Emotional, Conceptual, Landscape and Scenery, People, Sci-Fi, Romantic (decided upon discussion; examples of categories in the digital art and photomanipulation categories)

   Time Considerations

:bulletblue: Please note that it could take from a week to a month (or more) depending on the complexity and type of work (such as finding suitable stock resources) and time availability (I am studying and am still searching for work :noes: )
:bulletblue: No Rushing! Please! You will be notified of the progress of the work. This enables me to take my time on doing your work with care :meditate: So no stressing. I am responsible enough to finish your work (and won't disappear on you :lol: :iconwoooplz: )

----From before
I have 'decided' to do commissions for money due to financial reasons :(. Also, since I am doing it, if you or anyone else is doing commissions, you can link to that in here in comments. :) I will also be adding others' commission info in my profile page.

Rest assured, whenever I get points, they will be donated as usual or the whole points anyone game. Points donation will not be used for personal purpose as before. Since this will be a money commission for now. Until the IRL issue subsides, the commission money will be used for IRL only. Afterwords, I can use that for points game as well if I continue doing commissions.
Thank you to those who read the full thing and for simply being there even if you didn't know anything.

..could have deactivated for a few days..but then again, I am in need of money..yay for thinking...

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