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Thousand Cherry Blossoms by phoenixleo Thousand Cherry Blossoms by phoenixleo
For the people who have been affected by the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan and hit several countries in the Pacific as well as the past earthquake and tsunami victims everywhere. Magnitude of 8.9 on the Richter scale for the Japan's earthquake.

Small islands as well as countries such as Philippines, Brazil, were hit by the waves following the tsunami.
While Japan being the trendsetter for earthquake prevention and nuclear power technology, however this work is for the people in all the areas who are or will be affected. The idea of developing countries and low elevation areas being hit is pretty scary. I haven't forgotten the South Asian earthquake and tsunamis that occurred several years ago, and while they happened pretty far from where I lived, the horror of seeing people in my neighboring country and the chaos was really saddening.

I am glad that the United Nations had said while they will wait for Japan to ask for help, however they will take pro-active initiative when the developing nations and areas are hit for this.

Huge blast at Japan nuclear power plant

Google Crisis Response

Pray, donate whatever you can. Don't fight over the differences on what one should do or not do.

Check out these news articles:

:bulletblue:Japan Hit by Massive Quake followed By Tsunami

:bulletblue:Earthquake and Tsunami Victims - 6 Ways to Help

:bulletblue:Support Japan Through Art and Funds at #fella

Hope everyone is safe. While this scar won't be easy to erase or forget like the previous ones, but we must live on. Like the cycle of cherry blossoms..

Also deviants, stay safe. Earthquakes or otherwise.

`snowmask said that while they are safe, her husband, `zerocomplex's hometown was hit, even if some friends contacted that they were okay, even if the aftershocks happened.
Hope all the others are alright ._.

Full painting
Larger version will be uploaded soon

only the model reference:
Everything else is painted/my resources

While it is titled Japan, it is due to the limited title length.

Edit: Uploaded the signature less large version as a print. While I have never seen a print being sold in dA from my work, but should someone buy it, the part of the money I get will be donated. will update if that happens :P

Edit 2:Moved to the Community Projects > Awareness > 2011 > Natural Disasters category. Didn't find it before and thanks to $Ayame-Kenoshi for her journal about it :) gaah for some reason i can't see it in the folder. I will submit again later to the category. >_>
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March 12, 2011
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