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Hey there! On your image's first impression, I quite like the sense of calmness that I get, particularly in the large view. The regular...

Hello, Since you asked for critique in the Digital Art Forum's Monthly Digital Art Critique Thread: [ March ] thread, I am including it...

In response to your thread in the Premium Members forum. Overall the image looks at first sudden glance okay with the colour scheme app...

by vchen79

Hello, My eyes zoomed to the hairs and the works on the clothing at first. I really like that you have put effort in both of them, with...

deviant365 Week 5 Winner Feature

deviant365 week # 5, 2014 winner feature.

Congratulations to the winner! :clap:



Community Relations! Community Volunteers- Relate, Volunteer

Note: Gallery Moderators as well as Message Network Admins(mn@) are both merged to Community Volunteers now.
Note: From now on, artists have a 6 month wait period instead of the 3 months in order to have their works be featured as a DD from their previous DD.

FAQ #84: What are the Core Values of the Community Relations Department?

FAQ #85: Can I be a volunteer on DeviantArt?

Galleries that don't have GMs yet, suggestions can be sent to Moonbeam13

* Director of Community Relations Moonbeam13
* Community Projects ---
* Anime/Manga Gwendolyn12 & cinyu
* Anthro KovoWolf
* Artisan Crafts cakecrumbs & Brookette
* Comics & Cartoons puddlefishie
* Cosplay pullingcandy
* Digital Dolls ---
* Emoticons Waluigi-Prower
* Handhelds & Icons ginkgografix
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* deviantART Related ginkgografix
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* Traditional - Body Art Exillior
*Traditional Art - Sculpture The-Build

*Chat & Forums -











Other Staff/Volunteer Members with DD privileges who take suggestions from the community:

Anthro, Comics & Cartoons & Digital Art - kozispoon
Digital Art - ekud
Photography/Photomanipulation - sine-out
Fan Art - aunjuli
Photography - Tachy-on
Vector All areas - Ikue
All areas - fourteenthstar
All areas - MidnightExigent
Digital Art - kozispoon
Literature and dA Related - ikazon
All areas - Shyree


Yes, yes I have a plot to dominate the TV room in our apartment with my favourite prints! Help me conquer! :plotting: :mwahaha: :thanks:


Mar 1, 2017
1:42 am
Mar 1, 2017
12:44 am
Feb 27, 2017
3:35 pm
Feb 27, 2017
12:17 am
Feb 25, 2017
9:03 pm

Which of these sites do you use mosf often? 

21 deviants said Facebook
14 deviants said None of the above
12 deviants said Tumblr
8 deviants said Instagram
8 deviants said Twitter
6 deviants said Something else

Interesting Things!

Contests and Projects

If you have any contest info that you found out and would like to spread around, or your own contests, drop me a comment or a note with the info and a link so I can feature it here and journals and news article :)


:bulletpurple: Brave New World - Contest


helpdesk has been set into a tiresome maze of sorts when you actually try to contact them. Unless the various faqs help you, here are some direct links to Contact Help Desk relating to some of the categories that are there. Probably didn't get all of them but will find more! The links below will guide you straight to the Help Desk contact section depending on the category it is in. In case I have missed any, let me know.

:bulletblue: General Category
:bulletblue: Bug Report
:bulletblue: Account Ban Appeal
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:bulletblue: Spammer Report
:bulletblue: COPPA Report
:bulletblue: Prints
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:bulletblue: General prints order inquiry
:bulletblue: General prints inquiry
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On Unknown Artists
Get your Art some Attention on deviantART
Guide on How To Receive Feedback and Critique
Link to a specific point in a page
Artist's Block Thread
Know Your Basics - Colour Theory (the manip way)
Know Your Basics - Composition (the manip way)
Know Your Basics - Perspective
Depth of Field in Photomanipulation
Typography Terminology
A Brief History of Typography
Prints Tips: Cropping and the Bleed Edge
Prints 101: Editing your Prints
Tips and Tricks - Adjust Image Tool (Prints)
Artist's Toolbox - PE - Tablets
A Guide to Gallery CSS
Tips for smooth clean line art
Undergraduate Portfolio Tips
Guidelines to Starting your Own Craft Business
Global Saijiki
Classical Kigo
A Guide to Creating a Suggestion for deviantART

Things of importance:

*Since the recent removal of chat's shoutbox, you can still access it from here



DDs that I Suggested

119Got me so down by EmegE by EmegE
118Clouds ID by Toxandreev by Toxandreev
117Bird of paradise by dorset by dorset
116Memories_v3 by hoangnguyen by hoangnguyen
115kumagai by kepondangkuning by kepondangkuning
114Keep calm and make tea by hhhwei by hhhwei
113The Windfish by Pertheseus by Pertheseus
112Snow White pt. i by glennprasetya by glennprasetya
111 by axl99
110A long way to go by marendins by marendins
109 by pseudolirium
108SciFi: 'Curse of Aladdin' by MadMaximus83 by MadMaximus83
107 by ColbyBluth
106Zombies everywhere by el-grimlock by el-grimlock

Mature Content

incomplete by Magrad
by Magrad
104Rise and Shine by acidlullaby by acidlullaby
103Hollow Point Issue 1 cover by TamasGaspar by TamasGaspar
102Let's fall asleep by PabloMoranJr by PabloMoranJr
101Handsupyoubloodybastard by maykrender by maykrender
100Devacurse::Aqua-Nymph by zionenciel by zionenciel
99Wildlife Levitator by boc0 by boc0
98Crossbreed by Grandfailure by Grandfailure
97Infidel by davepalumbo by davepalumbo
96:thumb200404985: by Cellophane-S
95Roller Coaster by jopelines by jopelines
94Masamune by ying99 by ying99
93Game of Thrones: Jon Snow by JMichek by JMichek
92Sakura Rain by blazewu by blazewu
91The Release by GorosArt by GorosArt
9007 by depressman by depressman
89:thumb169809398: by nightrhino
88papercutting: Spring Dragon by masamisato by masamisato

Mature Content

float by augenblickwinkel
by augenblickwinkel
86Harry Potter Expocomic09 Color by ElectroCereal by ElectroCereal
85:thumb99468038: by tasteofomi
84tiger by se7enleaves by se7enleaves
83Sailor Spread 05 by protogeny by protogeny
82 A Complete Guide to dA News
A Complete Guide to dA News
If you can't see the preview image well, click here for the full size.
What are all those numbers?
Some Relevant FAQs
Tips to Writing an Article
Some helpful links
What are all those numbers?
All numbered items in the screenshots above explained one by one.
Find the News page!
As you can see I have the News button in my sticky menu. How this looks can differ from person to person depending how you customised it. If you didn't customise it at all, go to your mouse to the deviantART logo to the left of the top menu, and hoover over the down arrow next to it. A drop down menu will appear – under the 'Deviants' subheader you will find this news button. You can click "Stick Menu" to the bottom of the drop down menu to get it looking like mine (you can then drag and drop them
by namenotrequired
81Pale Beauty 1 by MissCarriage by MissCarriage
80under 7 by domowy100 by domowy100
79Armur II. by Sirxlem by Sirxlem
78zero Point..... by dismang by dismang
77:thumb196036950: by FedDark
76Black Panther Decade Variant by mbreitweiser by mbreitweiser
75Aviator by Flotograf by Flotograf
74Lady Mordarante by Caelicorn by Caelicorn
73:thumb193346115: by RyanAce94
72dA ID -That would SO happen. by winter-ghost by winter-ghost
71love dance by bebelens by bebelens
70Bizzare Love Triangle by hamkahatta by hamkahatta
69First love 2 by Krokky by Krokky
68Kami-Sama no Ongaku Matsuri 3 by DigitalOme by DigitalOme
67Metal Heart by LilifIlane by LilifIlane
66ID by thezork by thezork
65Blur by liuyangart by liuyangart
64Stilt fishermen of Sri Lanka by Suppi-lu-liuma by Suppi-lu-liuma
63Painted Muse by alwaysxsecondxbest by alwaysxsecondxbest
62Vintage Hotels 4 by jordanduvall by jordanduvall
61The promise of Satan.... by Rakuen-ds by Rakuen-ds
60Weddingday by Doodledy by Doodledy
59Hummingbird by SeanAvery by SeanAvery
58Fire serpent by Wywiur by Wywiur
57sang royal by EastMonkey by EastMonkey
56 by swizor
55City life by CatchMe-22 by CatchMe-22
54 by thomasszabo
53Hypothermia by Serkenil by Serkenil
52Child labour 6 by GMBAkash by GMBAkash
51Richard Scarecrow by Pablander by Pablander
50 by eatcakedrinkblood
49Mycteria americana by ThrowingChicken by ThrowingChicken
48Frightened cat by Andrei-Pervukhin by Andrei-Pervukhin
47Nekromantix by TheArtofSaul by TheArtofSaul
46:thumb163570097: by LASTOChkin
45Asana by andreaperrybevan by andreaperrybevan
44Midsummer Night Dream by StrayDog1972 by StrayDog1972
43c63x by aiRaGe by aiRaGe
42The Interlude by archanN by archanN
41Tiles: In the eyes of Children by MacDoninri by MacDoninri
40GuangcChengZi by levineh by levineh
39Chasing After Death by mattahan by mattahan

Mature Content

broken trinity 1 sdcc variant by nebezial
by nebezial
37Alice - Jabberwocky by michaelkutsche by michaelkutsche
36IDotW089 - Steampunk Explorer by Legato895 by Legato895
35Prototype by PE-Travers by PE-Travers
34The Cosmic Odyssey by arsdraw by arsdraw
33the nest by pascalblanche by pascalblanche
32Landing by Kai-S by Kai-S
31Ominous Gods by Prasa by Prasa
30:thumb74961900: by FallenCorpse
29 by edskudder
28:thumb103360447: by whoiszid
27Straight Ahead by camilkuo by camilkuo
26:thumb7016781: by designnrg
25Under the water by Wen-Xaeroaaa by Wen-Xaeroaaa
24Dreaming of peace by zano by zano
23Beauty and the Mech by Fealasy by Fealasy
22Northern Conveyor by djahal by djahal
21Skies of Hope by angrymikko by angrymikko
20Interurban by JacobCharlesDietz by JacobCharlesDietz
19Metropolis by maciejkuciara by maciejkuciara
18The Little Sisters by Falarsimons by Falarsimons and Danny Gardner
17YOYOGI STATION GENSO by tokyogenso by tokyogenso
16the lost age marauders by henryz by henryz
15INTERNET by flyingdebris by flyingdebris
14Confession of Toxic Generation by pelleron by pelleron
13butterfly breakfast by rennerei by rennerei
12Project ARIEL by TheMinttu by TheMinttu
11Sphere - cloak by ArturroCreaturro by ArturroCreaturro
10Eat This by PRDart by PRDart
9Dead Space 2 by Jessada-Art by Jessada-Art
8Alien Parenthood by Abiogenisis by Abiogenisis
7Workaholic by CHIN2OFF by CHIN2OFF
6Kill Your Valentine by Dumnezeu by Dumnezeu
5their feelings 03 by Ryohei-Hase by Ryohei-Hase
4Mountains of Metal Eden by oddocean by oddocean
3Steampunk Locket by Xerces by Xerces
2:thumb129382269: by WNPhotography
1:thumb116760656: by WNPhotography

Commission Info

Commission Info is always being updated!

If you would like to link commission info of others, click and comment here! They will also be shared in this module


Jack Frost . Edge of Submersion by phoenixleo Jack Frost . Under the Moonlight by phoenixleo Red by phoenixleo
Illustration/sketch commission
Commission Info
Check gallery for type of works, or the module way down the page for info.
Note me for further inquiry.
Paypal Accepted by Nonabolcat
The price here is the limit for this module, so please check out the other ones below or the actual info linked.
Digital Painting Type C - Detail Level 2
Point of No Return by phoenixleo Mako by phoenixleo
Commission Info
Type C
Starting : $45-$50/character and onwards
Elaborate details and colours (half/full)
Simple Background
Additional character : $15 each
Paypal Accepted by Nonabolcat
Digital Painting Type B - Simple l Detail
Two ducklings by phoenixleo Hades by phoenixleo
Simple Level 2 l Detail Level 1
Commission Info
Starting : $15-20/character
Slightly detailed characters (half/full)
Full colouring.
Noticeable details.
No background*(a gradient or normal filled background or a white one is the one it will be in)
Additional character : $10 each.
Paypal Accepted by Nonabolcat
Digital Painting Type A - Simple
sb1 by phoenixleo
Commission Info
Starting : $5-10/character (may increase if you would like minor details)
Simple characters/sketches (half or full body).
May come in simple flat colour tones upon request
Not many details.
No background elements *(a gradient or normal filled background or a white one is the one it will be in)
Quick Doodle Paintings
You get a nice doodle maybe :P 
Mock requests to test out would surely be denied here as testing.

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`phoenixleo has an abundance of enthusiasm for our community. Always eager to promote events and activities, `phoenixleo's community spirit and passion for creativity have provided many deviants with inspiration. If you are in need of a motivational moment in your day, make sure you stop by `phoenixleo's profile and take part in one of the many projects that you'll find featured. While you are there, join us in congratulating `phoenixleo for being our very first Deviousness recipient of 2011!
-awarded January 2011


phoenixleo has started a donation pool!
1,364 / 7,777,777
Currently accepting donations for a very big art contest with two sets of winners! Any contribution is most welcome! :)

:salute: Random giveaways or contest prizes to people! :) Every amount is appreciated. Even a :huggle: :meow:

You must be logged in to donate.


Regular news article about the kitty!
Beta testing news article about the Kitty!
[Deadline has ended] Please respond to this journal! [Deadline has ended]
Please fave and spread the news! :)
Free to join!

:bulletblue: Don't panick if your names aren't here. It will take time for all to be included ;)

:icontopicality: (Astralseed + Catluver are the exceptions) :iconastralseed: :iconcatluvr2:
:iconphoenixleo: :iconnyiana-sama: :iconfallenumbrella: :iconprincejose: :iconquolia: :iconhardrockangel: :icondpa-avatars: :iconstraychan: :iconavialea: :iconteasidesketches: :iconheroicfairytale: :iconphlum: :iconnikkittie: :iconlufflii: :iconbeauvoirian: :iconrotodisk: :iconniviadragonrider: :icondekoradum: :icondragriyu: :icontommygk: :iconjupiterlily: :iconerisabesu-kuro-gosai: :icondemonhunterdominion: :iconskuldier: :icongwendolyn12: :iconxallfalldownx: :icontwiggyteeluck: :iconemerald-of-the-north: :icontemarithewolf: :iconchristianonfire7: :iconeevee1767: :iconsmidow: :iconsakuratokuchan: :iconsilentkara: :iconlioness-lindsey: :icondelpha:

In an effort to save people's computers (and my own) I'm now just going to list the names of those who participated :P

ZoeyFox miriamscully119 Daisysan ReBaka-Chan
Kodiackk8 XxepIkzxX FrEsHyLiCi0uZ Wi6791lly Ealaain kiyoshi-seishin bradleysays Ariik RainKitten97 lakoneko lightpurge Spritle22 TTIIOO Tajii-chan Caedy Ren-wood ALittleRiddle XxoREDoxX queenjazz225 PretzelRizzo Alice-In-Brennenburg JotePaine SektorHP Linzerj TNE90 jellohello-hi Marly-XI BeiHuiNing xXDaysha-Chan32Xx Cerberus168 Desinent-River Endorell-Taelos Sailor-Pikmin Firegirl156 Pikachupalooza Kaynime Raposa6598 emmadictionary AthenaTT KeidoxFerret Tomboysupergeek Snowy-Ninja DaggerPoint Fond-Memories

yurchan LadyofGaerdon rlplymale MadOldHag InuKagomeluvrs BDT466 RainyDayFun firexatxwill ke23 kevintolibao PGleo86 TouchedVenus FlameWingedAngel SanguineEpitaph litecrush ebonypen Fuzzy-Artemis EnragedLemon HalNicci hayleighs aLzRitH BootyPatrol ShinigamiLover1991 crazed-fangirl-rar Ileina I-is-smart Senator1Zeth deadlysupia suedonym AmongOtaku Soulflare3 NutKayss Infernalfeather TimmehMonster mag1cxg1rl Xcetera PyRoAj SilverWhisker33 coffeenoir TimberwolfXLeonhart Aktaroth Lifes-Lovely-Roses Owiegunyah kaito-yumi TiaVon

News article:
JessicaPrower xTalithax jinchuurikininja MimiSephora AlcinaNoita mazzy713 flowertigers chibi-puppy12 Netufi toxic--sunrise TarnishedHearts jcroxas

PhantomSabre yarjor Miss-Mccookies Blubble-The-Blubs RoxyMcSocks FenrirKeyblade EmoPizza QueenHalloween LiviaZita arjuu-na PatrickRuegheimer Aria-Abomination TheOtherSarshi Sk33t-SkEEt GabrielleIsabeau caffe1neadd1ct Rosina88 fluffylink sorceryalchimst PetrVorel sunnydelight18 sunnydelight18 Wingsie CookieZoela mahoujirou spyro17689 SweetOphelia4231616 GeminiGM SoulHeilo MegamiOfTheSky TheRawr000000 TheLeopardwerecat wolfdemon12 ExplosionOfEpicness Self-Epidemic XCute-Devil-AngelX DryBones44 createdwithpassion 0xkyleax0

Second floodgate I choose YOU!
SkittleBittle Akiyata RowanF xXPitsLittleAngelXx goldenwolf94 Shagami KonekoKitty1 Q-bunny Neon-Wolf-x3 DarkWolfieGurl Fun-Person222 PotassiumK CoolGraffix Wolves-of-Roses94 BlackSai1s EmoArika Anantaphoto Keely-Homicidal mistoflight Pokkyii Why-did-Kenji-die Salacberry Jess0007 Muffin-Unsane Silence-Emily Sir-Seizure TheBlobsMasterII bunneyctrl KupoCola xXDeiDannaXx Applesru bk00 reewi Sharkalien tai-fire-cat HappyCokex3 zxcvbbnmm1 :party: enymeesc :party:

3rd Floodgate, I want to choose you...
Spacepaint juruki Mistshadow2k4 SkyAnchor chowruto brunliek Foxbat-Sullavin TheShadowHuntress medli96 Mistaphire TTIIOO PreshousYinYang dragonholder411 iheartslashers Hep-Hap fanjo0 Miss-Nessa SanpaSazzaro DeadloveCalling MK-Hellfire Katweet

and a lot more :faint:


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